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elena z


elena z
Chest / Bust
34 in
25 cm
Hair Color
Eye Color
Shoe Size
8.5 US

Additional Info

Elena has worn many hats and considers herself as a well-rounded person that can find success in anything. Her business attitude is complimented by her work and educational background. Elena graduated from the Moscow University, studied in Germany Media Management, and went on to receive a Master’s degree in Arts in the US. Ms Elena has numerous certifications in visual arts, computer programming, and marketing, and has worked for some of the top fortune five hundred companies in the world; all while pursuing her dreams in fashion, advertising, and publishing. Elena has been always involved with fashion. That balance is what leads to big campaigns outside of fashion. But she never wants to choose one or the other. Elena loves being creative and showing the world her visions and to work with many models, designers, and new faces.


Health&Wellness, Reading, Fitness, Yoga, Dancing, Traveling

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21 Responses to elena z

  1. Angie

    All my love to you, my dear beautiful princess. You are amazing.

  2. Angie Jacobson

    Elena, wishing you all of the success in the world, my beautiful friend.

  3. Anne

    Can’t wait to see you at the Festival!

  4. Alex

    Good luck, beautiful princess!

  5. Andrea

    Best of luck! -Andrea

  6. Dylan

    You are my Princess! – Dylan

  7. Maria

    Can’t wait to see your crown! – Maria

  8. Frederick

    My Best wishes, dear Princess!

  9. Frederick

    My Best wishes, dear Princess!

  10. Charles Wilson

    Gorgeous princess!

  11. Anna Symore

    Love you, GF! -Anna

  12. Daria

    good luck!!!!!

  13. Emilie

    you are so beautiful!

  14. ahmed2017

    So beautiful ,
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  15. Leona

    Amazing experience!

  16. jessica cole

    can’t wait to meet you!


  17. Leila Shah

    Beautiful Princess!

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