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Cecilie loves producing art, everything from painting, to film directing, manus or songwriting. She also has a strong passion for traveling, & is constantly inspired by different cultures. Everything from music, instruments, architecture, landscape, paintings are all part of what inspires her in her own art. Miss Binoche enjoys working in Paris, London, the US & also in the Middle East. When the film project is over her plan is to make some new tracks with producer Eddie ´Gypsy` Stokes & release her debut album. Cecilie has a soft spot for filmmaking, acting & music. She says:".I use one art form to compliment another. Ít´s all art & art are always connected in various ways." "Me & my team have our strong goals & vision. We are confident in the future, and are focusing to reach out & inspire & help people all over the world. Sometimes things takes time. You got to be patient, determined & never give up.It´s always important to work hard, be innovative & stand out. Have big belief & pray. The success will follow."You can follow Cecilie on You can have a listen to some of her music on:


Artist Cecilie Binoche, has mentored & instructed film, acting & music courses in Oslo this year to help enhance the participants skills and talents. She has also been to Portugal to attend a youth project called "Making a Difference". It is to help youth from difference countries in Europe to collaborate, learn about the enrichment of different cultures & it also is a great way to break cultural barriers between different countries. Cecilie is also going to Dubai in November this year, in an exciting project she is working on as a film producer. The project has just commenced & it may also take place in Bahrain & Qatar. She will be meeting up with, The President of Jackson Family Foundation, & owner of Dubaian Magazine Mr. Simon Sahouri in Dubai to continue to collaborate on future projects. Cecilie´s production company produces everything from music videos, short films, to commercials & business commercial, music & fashion as well as promos. Cecilie´s background is from both London & Norway. She has a varied background as an artist, filmmaker, actress & fashion model. She also studied Performing Arts in Norway at Nordic Black Theatre School & then four years Dual English & American Bachelor of art Degree in Media Production at American Intercontinental University in London. Multi-talented Miss Binoche has a strong background as a filmmaker from production companies & the TV industry, & her company´s mission is to help individuals, artists, actors or companies to get their voice heard. With integrity & high standards, they help their customers to get their own message out to the public, by implementing visuals, sounds, music, great script & lighting.

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