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Entries into each contest being held by “Princess LVH Dubaian,” “Road to Cannes,” “Las Vegas Hollywood,” “LVH Dubaian Magazine,” and/or “LVH Media,” collectively referred to as “The Organizers,and/or their affiliates

Opportunities to audition for any film, TV production, music video or any entertainment or fashion production developed by “The Organizersor their affiliates

Opportunities to be chosen for an editorial about you with full page photo in the Las Vegas Hollywood Magazineand/or “LVH Dubaian Magazine”

Receive updated information about upcoming Film Festivals, Entertainment Seminars and Special Events

Entry submitted to win free front page promotion of your clips of a film that you have produced or any type of production from TV to film to music videos to fashion on our website “PRINCESS LVH DUBAIAN,” Road to Cannes,” or on any of our affiliateswebsites.

Receive a complimentary copy of “LVH Dubaian Magazine” Special Edition of “Road to Cannes 2017”

Discount prices on various services, products and merchandise posted on our website in the future

Opportunities as a member to promote your Artistic and Entertainment Attributes Globally through “PRINCESS LVH DUBAIAN,” Road to Cannes,” ‘LVH Dubaian Magazine” and “Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine” exclusive events and publications

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